Brooks Lamb is the author of Overton Park: A People’s History (Univ. of Tenn. Press, 2019). A 2016 Truman Scholar and a 2017 graduate of Rhodes College, he is currently the Conservation Projects Manager, Rural Lands for The Land Trust for Tennessee, where he works with farmers and other landowners to help them permanently protect their land from development. Through his reading and writing, his mentors and friends, his vocation and service, and his life experiences, he has nurtured a commitment to land ethics, and he hopes to help strengthen human-land relationships through academic and professional work. He is passionate about exploring connections between ethics, farming, environmental stewardship, conservation, history, the land, parks, people, and more.

Brooks grew up on a small farm just north of Chapel Hill, Tennessee. His family and the farm helped him cultivate an unshakeable sense of place, a strong work ethic, an understanding of hope, and a passion for serving others.